• Spreading Jesus’
    and Love

  • Sharing Resources
    around the World

  • Writing Hope

  • Discipling

V-formationWelcome to Wild Goose Ministries International

Our mission is to see His kingdom come on earth – as it is in heaven – in a three-fold way:

  • 1. Discipling followers into leaders
  • 2. Sharing resources around the world
  • 3. Writing hope through beauty

The journey we’re on is not about our small, sometimes overly scripted, stories. We are called to a much larger story – His story – or History as we often name it. A story so large it encompasses the universe.

Wild Goose Ministries is a reflection of a larger—unpredictable and wild—story of the Holy Spirit’s work today. Jesus said when He left that He’d send the person of the Spirit to continue His work. We believe these are the purposes He has called us to fulfill.

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